Why Sterling silver

The standard content of sterling silver is 92.5 percent (.925) silver and 7.5 percent copper. The presence of the copper increases the hardness of the alloy, making it less likely to bend. It also slows down the rate of oxidation so silver jewelry and flatware doesn’t tarnish as quickly as fine silver.
5 Reasons to Buy Sterling Silver Jewellery:
1. Value
Although it is the whitest, most brilliant metal, sterling silver is more affordable than gold or platinum. Consumers enjoy the fact that the price of silver has always been a fraction of the price of gold. Silver is cheaper because it's mined more often than other precious metals, so there is simply more of it in the marketplace.
2. Durability
Sterling silver is a hard metal that will stand the test of time. It can be easily filed and polished by jewelers to repair any surface damage that may occur during normal wear. Rings are easily sized, and the repair costs for silver are extremely economical.
3. Artistry
The types of jewelry designs in silver are plentiful. This is largely because new artists can afford to cast more designs in silver than they can in gold or platinum.
4. Style
The constant change in fashion is often the reason why people will choose to buy more silver than gold. The cost and abundance presents an availability of the latest trends in jewelry. Consumers can simply change entire ensembles when they buy sterling silver jewelry.
5. Interchangeable
Many people find that sterling silver is interchangeable with their white gold and platinum jewelry. They can wear sterling silver designs with their other gold and platinum pieces. This allows consumers to have a bevy of designs that can be worn together without a mix and match look to their jewelry ensembles. Consumers particularly enjoy this because they feel as though they have gotten a lot more for the uniform appearance while paying less.